How is chance to get crystal item?

I play almost 2 weeks, and i want to drop some crystal items. I’ve tried a lot but i cant got one of it. What is a chance to drop crystal item? I must have a very big amount of luck?

(I am dont good at english)

Crystals drop all the time
What one are you looking for specific ones are harder to find. Check out shinybox for crystal details

I think they want an item with a Crystal affix, not the crystals themselves. The answer to that is they are extremely rare. I have about 200 hrs of playtime and haven’t seen any. Good luck! :smile:

+1, about 500 hours with only one crystal drop… This is farming ep 7 maps over 500% luck and item drop… if Barre to throw a number out there considering the amount of items I’ve received, excluding ms and cs, I’d say around 1 in 10000, maybe 1 in 1000 if you have max 650 luck, but efficiency is key.

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