How is the monsters experience points determined?

I have noticed the experience points gain from killing monsters changes. What determines this?

Floor level, XP bonus on gear and XP bonus’s from difficulty the most experience is given from enemies on floor 100+ :smile:

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Thanks @Griffin

Always glad when I can help out :smile:

So whats best floor to level any floor after 100 or 200+

If you just want exp then floor 101 m3

spam floor

Does it come to an end? I feel above floors 1000+ you get almost no crystals but they are higher usually but still not that high. I find much more of the items I need around 500 then 1000 some don’t really see a purpose above 500 besides if you need elements set or externalized. once I go to like 1200 I still clear map super fast but half the epic mobs can take like 5 min to kil when they are at 1%

Crystals get better up until floor 500 other then that the only change in loot through floors is new legends are added into the drop tables :smile: