How long do you kill Ignis EP8?

I can kill Ignis, the boss after floor 200 in just a second with a Hammer… With only 130k DPS, he flops instantly… LOL… :smile:

lvl 200, ep8

My blood warior kills him in 20s using axe and 30k dmg :smile:

Do you guys mind sharing builds? :confused:

m… really, I die using such low dps on Ignis. I use mostly Legend items.

well, IMHO, since we don’t know what items (legends, mostly) we will get, it’s hard to make a concise build in general.
let me put it this way, consider that I already have experience playing DQ, and have found so many legends, and already have plan in what my warrior build would be.
un/fortunately, I found an epic item mid-game, which after I try several Boss run, is far more beneficial practically to wipe out several Bosses.
that epic item is quite random that u’ll unlikely post it as ur build in this thread. that epic item is also out of ir build plan, and what are you going to do about it?

I never imagined that I became a spellsword type warrior, but, so far that’s my most comfy build to wipe ignis, not the best one tho, I’ll give u my item list and my stat build as a potato. :stuck_out_tongue:

warrior build.

my stat build is a powered one, on my lvl 99, I
have 209 Power, 50 Health, and 50 Mana.
my pet is an epic imp that is not very helping for buffin me up, I only use it for legend loots run.

my gear is 100% maxed out legend, sorry for not providing you a full list of suffix, since it will be a lengthy reply.
here they are:

main hand : lvl 100 gelid smasher (dps 21,2k)
off hand : lvl 100 pandora (dps 6190)
armor : lvl 100 electric web (blessed) (ar 1000)
helm : lvl 100 azure helm (might) (ar 1000)
ring : lvl 100 oaken band (assault) (ar 1000)
amulet : lvl 100 will of the force (reflect) (ar 1000)

my dps is 443.7k, and one of my gear has 5.6% chance of crushing blow (maybe this suffix that can make my crits almost hit 40m in damage)

Should I reroll Reflect and Block to the highest I can get?

DPS shown on the profile isn’t revelant at all… some people have more dmg with 30k than 4m (true, talking about many builds i already did)

Just test it ingame and see what 's the best :smile:

Any other legend builds? Or good builds for new maps please?