How many hours played on DQ?

I was looking at some of my stats and noticed I had played 1,212 hours on DQ!! I know there are some people on here who have been playing for about two years longer than myself. How much time do you have logged on DQ?

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How do you check?

If you use Amazon, select the game circle link when DQ opens or you can select “Campaign Leaderboards” and select Game Circle on the bottom right side. I don’t use Google play store but when you open play store, there is a place on the top left you can select it’s located all the way to the left in the search bar. Select the three horizontal lines next to “Google Play”. From there, you can look at your apps and games. Maybe Amazon is the only one that tracks progress, hours played etc??

I tried to go thru Google Play Store but that is not the correct way to look at your info. Go to an app in your phone, tablet etc and find “Play Games”. It looks like a green game controller in my apps. You can find the information you need there. Hope this helps.


EDIT: I was trying to use a hash tag, but whatever.

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I was also thinking hardcore when I looked at how many hours I have played. I was wondering how I compared to everyone else but I do not know if everyone else’s app services provider tracks this info for the them.

Yeah unfortunately Google play doesn’t track it ;-; I wanted too find out earlier and found this out

Tally it by hand. :wink:

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I will try to come up with a better topic next time. I thought this one would be fun.

Nah scootey it was a really good idea :smile: unfortunately alot of us just don’t have stuff keeping track of it rip

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You know you are harecore when you spend hours on any goal: hunting enslavers, getting to eternal 99, grinding in eternal league to 1st place all time, constantly building and gathering crystals, be like cronos, get eternal pets, etc etc.

Since I can’t track my dq total hours like you can, I play 2-4 hours a day normally. In weekends, I play much longer (maybe 6 hours).

Since I haven’t got school until 10th of april or so though, I can play dq for a long time in school holiday unless I sacrificed my time for study, shopping and more.

After some play of dq, I have a break either studying, exercising or just watching youtube cor hours and for some reason I tend to avoid going back on dq despite enjoying it. I take breaks after I get a headache or start feeling bored/tried and headaches.

In school days, I tend to play dq on public bus and my bed time since I have no other time to play and it’s great that its an offline game.

Update to my post from 6 months ago. I’m up to 1,881 hours on Dungeon Quest now!!

I have 105hrs43mins haha… i suck… :sob: :wink: but im gonna be there some day

Everyone has to start somewhere. You seem to be doing well so far. I did not look at forum when I started playing, they used an app called Tap a talk when I started. Either way, you will get there. There is so much to learn, test etc.

Yah Load’s of DQ :slight_smile: :jack_o_lantern:

how to view hrs of playing using android? :smile:

You cannot determine hours played on Android or through the play store. That is what we determined 6 months ago. Maybe there is a way but would not know since I use Amazon. I think this is one of the small perks to being an Amazon user.

thanks for the info :smile: