How much is 1 yard?

Yes how much is it :slight_smile: ? Just wondering. Maybe some illustration would be nice.

A great q, also what is the diameter of the Arena?

Normal pick up radius is 3 yards so get noob char with no pick up radius and you can have an estimation.

The radius is about 50 yards or something IIRC. Don’t remember exactly.

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to calculate use storm but I forgot the range of it

It depends on who’s yard, and if it’s backyard, or front. Not just being funny, The Arena, and the Dungeon do not use the same visual perspective, for that matter, they don’t work the same either. :neutral_face:

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Somethings wrong with this guy hahahah cracked me up hahahahah

very good question, but I like thinking it as 1/3 of my character’s height