How often do you ul to server?

Just started playing this week. Already at level 35… Bc of work. Probably be at level 99 by end of this weekend :smile: how often do most people ul to server? Should i ul every day? Any risks or glitches i should be aware of? And does using server to reset enchant and rerolls get u banned or anything? I saw some posts about being locked out but it says for “28 minutes” or something to that effect. Devs, please let me know if doing that is frowned upon… Although i personally dont think it should be if ppl are willing to put that kund of time in to op their characters…

We designed our systems without cheating/exploiting in mind, so of course we’d rather you not :smile: In the end, it’s a game and you play how you want to have fun. That said, if we see that you’ve used a memory hack, we’ll ban you from the leaderboards.

This next patch, 1.6, we’re going to great lengths to add a robust system to replace enchant that will allow players to control all aspects of their gear much more effectively than w/ our current Enchant system. Once implemented, we’ll likely move to a “Sync” system where the game and server detects what’s out of date, and updates accordingly. Exploiting will still be possible, but it will be harder at least.

People do upload their data if they want to enchant certain items, e.g, weapons. They do upload it, because rerolling and enchanting your piece/s of gear has a certain rate to fail, understandable. So if they are lucky and get the desired affix, they upload it to the server so they won’t lose their progress on the specific gear piece or weapon. Some on the other hand do upload their data, because they have a map with high luck bonus and item quantity or they are on a high floor and don’t want to lose their progress on the map/s.

Can’t wait for 1.6…[emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]
more power to developers! [emoji106]
hackers get lost…[emoji49] [emoji49]

[quote=“aSar”]Can’t wait for 1.6…[emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]
more power to developers! [emoji106]
hackers get lost…[emoji49] [emoji49][/quote]
1.6 will be so epic! [emoji176]

Hackers get their devices burned :smiley:

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