How to change difficulty level of challenge map?

Hi Guys

I just accidentally played this game for one week since I search RPG in google play, and I think I “accidentally” likes this game since I played :laughing:

Okay here is the question:

I’m now has challange map floor 236 with mythic-1 difficulty level. I want to change it to mythic-3. Is there any another way than challanging cartographer in floor 200 with mythic-3 difficulty level to get mythic-3 challange map?

Sorry for my language, I dont speak english very well, so thanks for google translate :smile:

You can’t change the difficulty of a map.

Your options to get a mythic-3 map are:

  1. challenge a cartographer on mythic-3
  2. buy one from the store on mythic-3

You can then Convert the map, which changes the floor to a random one between the floor on the map and the highest floor you’ve been to on any difficulty. You can blast your way to floor 1000 on Easy, then convert a Mythic 3 map a few times and it’ll eventually become floor 1000!

Okay bro thanks for your advice