How to change set option?

As the title says, How do I change the set option of an item?

For example, how to turn adventurer to eternalized?

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Amethyst Crystal is used to put Set Affixes on Items.

here is a post that has the restrictions for using Amethyst.

Edit: thanks @Berot . you can use Kyanite to take a Set affix off of an Item and then use Amethyst. Amethyst gives you 6 random choices, restricted like it says in the Crystal Crafting Restrictions post. it might take you a few Amethyst to get the Set you want. I have gotten what I want on the first try, and other times 20+ tries.


You cannot reroll that kind of enchantment haha so all you have to do is to get rid of that enchantment then use again amethyst crystal until you get the affix that you wanted