How to complete Challenges

I am trying to complete the challenges, can someone give me what are the limits for each stat? Additionally, what is the best way to finish all of it? I think you have a certain target per act, barrels, items and chest for luck, rare enemies for damage etc. I would like to know the breakdown so I know when to stop collecting gold or looking for enemies. I hope someone can help, thanks!

For info about challenges you can click on the trophy icon in game stats…[emoji6]

The best way is to repeatedly doing each acts by going back at floors you have completed floors 1-200…

Don’t bother too much about challenges now, they’ll be completely removed in 1.7.

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True but the challenges made will be converted into something else, so better do them to get a little + in the next patch :smile:

but gonna wait a month or more for the 1.7 patch??

we dont see any preview yet or teaser??? :mrgreen:

Month or less depends :smiley:

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We usually post previews when we are getting close to release. We are not quite there on 1.7.0 yet.