How to counter perseverance

Hi guyz wassup? I hope y’all havin a gud day. I was fightin in the arena then this full tank warriyo came against me i was spammin scalp with fully invested bleed dmg he laughed off his arse and smacked me :100: to zero so what should one do against someone with %100 perseverance ? Any help deeply appreciated…

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you make a build that doesn’t rely on DoT for damage. Perseverance is 40%, so the player is using 3 slots to negate DoT used against him/her. maybe change some of your bleed damage buffs for some other kind of damage buff that isn’t DoT. then it will be the other players turn to go from :100: to :zero:

So there is no way to penaltrate persevarance? How sad it is that you cant rely on dot mechanics in arena… i hope they will bring something to weaken it in the next patch…

don’t use DOT

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@mylifeisfunny I don’t know if Perseverance can be found on an item, but I know it can be rolled with Ruby. if you look around the Forums, Perseverance was put in by the Dev’s to counter the crazy killing DoT builds in the Arena. just remember, if someone has 100% Perseverance, that is 3 spaces on their gear just to nullify DoT, and nothing else. plus, they had to spend a minimum of 3 Ruby’s on that build. and if they had to make different builds due to the changing Meta of the Arena, they had to spend at least 3 more Ruby’s on the new build. for people who stick with Fire, Bleed, or Poison PVP builds, they need to buff up their non DoT damage. that way, they will still have DoT for people not protected, but can then do high damage against people who are protected from DoT damage.


I used to rely on DoT, but found it wasn’t that helpful

Still testing my build of randomness lol

So far it’s like a 50% win chance with low hp

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right now I am using a Fire & Ice farm build in PVP, and some how I am in Eternal League Division 7. 4 win and 1 loss today to move up a little bit. my A.I. isn’t sending me any Chests yet, so I still have some work to do. well, it has been about 3-4 weeks since my A.I. got me a chest, so I have a little hope.


In divisons 1 or so, people use 40% or 80% perseverance as well as very high damage reduction such as 50% -80% damage reduction, more with immortal builds and perseverance reduces the dots to almost nothing in terms of dmg. Also healings and dealing some damage back in return. Though bleeds do still have their value even in that league but not as much. More of a side thing now. Fire, not much damage even if you do really high damage if you use Blistering but the dot itself is still reduced a fair bit. Still nothing in this game is truly useless as proven many times and if you deal the Olympian build damage and attack very fast, fire isnt totally useless, just nerfed a whole lot and not a good idea to rely on. But mixed dot like ascendant kind of works. But relying on dot days is no more . The shock dot and ice dot are different as they are debuffs not covered by perseverance so they are still useful.
Or a balanced build with some damage and reduction. Pure dmg build or some variations. But using dots other than bleed seem less effective now but dots do work well on manashield since they don’t reduce dmg, just convert dmg into mana.


Ok i am with ice shock and arcane until next patch… thank you all <3