How to farm quickly for rogue type players?

Hello idols! Im currentyl at stage 44and my difficulty is epic. Would i change it to lower difficulty so that i would get to higher floors? And can reach them easily? Or i must grind it all the way?

focus on getting to lvl 99 first and reach 200 floor, very easy difficulty is OK.
Later on when you already collect some good loot (legends, crystal, mythstone) you can shift your attention to crafting powerful equipment, either for PvE (hiking floor or farming), or PvP (battle arena).

Even on the very easy difficulty i can loot the same as on the epic or higher?

you get higher bonus of gold find and luck in higher difficulty, so in general loot is better.

Okay idol so its all about patience. LOL

First try the difficultys that u can do easy/hard/legend and so on if u find hard
verry good at try farming hard difficulty first and use a bow
sorry for my grammar

Ehem This is my set Rogue :smiley:

Im currently at stage 56 and my difficulty is legend is that okay? How to reach 1000 stage? You mist grind all day?

30 obsidian? How

Agreed that’s insane

ahaha buyed the crystal find thing in the shop that 30 obsidian took me 1 month :frowning:

I think that’t not a good reason. Anyone here who spotted the split Elixir mythstone? Mythstones and Crystals can’t split right?

yeah it can, I experienced that as well before in 1.8 before the introduction of special bag of CS & MS.
I guess @rimylzzz didn’t buy those bags in 2.0 version. To merge it need to put both items in the same stash.

On topic: I have my special farming rogue using Discordance blinkstrike, clear the maps very fast since all you do is push the special button :smiley:
Oh don’t forget to increase pickup radius as much as you can so you don’t need to stop and going back just for looting.

Wel, I didnt experience anything like that. Sorry my bad. Thanks for the correction man.

Wow Wow Wow Verry Pro u know the bug and u know how i did it i really
u will be given a cookie :smiley:

how many toon u have.? what highest floor u climb.?

naah, just give me those obsidians :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it just weird. as he said he farm for a month. the result alot obsidian, ruby, topaz. emerald. didt u notice. all those core for crafting crystal have alot. and just each 1 other mehhh crystal. fishy~

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I have thousands of citrine crystal and below. I don’t have that much obsidian :sweat_smile:

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so do me. lol it sooooo fishy. haha