How to find Cartographer

Hi. I started playing this game about a week ago. Really like it. One question - how do you find the cartographer ? When I find a map and open it - it says to kill the cartographer. I go through the map and kill everything - but no cartographer. How do you find him/her ? Thanks

ps. I posted this in guides forum and then thought it might be the wrong place to post it. So I tried here.

he is displayed on your minimap as a green dot. if he doesnt appear in a certain level, it is bugged… and you will have to purchase another map from the merchant. its happen to me a few times

Yes I see the green dots. Wondered what that was. Thanks

Green dots are actually the portals to the next level. However, on levels you open with maps, its where the cartographer hangs out at…

This was what I was referring to

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