How to fix this bug?

help me! I click the sort,and it tell me this tips.I change the others way in the option ,and it tell the other way to sort. How can I hide the informaion?

You can’t. It’s not the tip window, it’s the confirmation window with the tip.

but it’s not working in 2.1 ,just happening in 2.2

I don’t understand the problem then, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: Can you try to explain again? :smiley:

It is not a bug. It is a confirmation to make sure you want to sort your items.

OK…It’s a little unconvenient for me.whatever, just do it.

Just click “confirm” and yeah, thats it :sweat_smile:

lol xD

u just have to deactivate the sort confirmation on the option menu.

Damn, i thought i was lazy