How to get 1k power in Arena

1k power in Arena is hard to get with high hp but the secret is to max the cap of PTL(Push the Limit) you can put 3x PTL and 1x Barbarian since your are using fury or energy Barbarian will works… if it is possible you can put 7x 5000 ED but I prefer to use 100% ED I just notice when i try to use 5000 Ed then i change it to 100%Ed…

is this possible with any character?

I try it to my rouge I dont know to other class

But I think It is Also possible !

Sounds about right to me. I know for sure you can get chest, ring, neck, off hand with push the limit. I think only main hand(rogue dagger, wizard sword , warrior sword or maul at least from convert class crystal) off hand from berserker and helm from maschimit what ever. Don’t forget about glass canon as well! I’ve been playing around with push the limit and I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it in PvP but still hardly started testing. Also with the PvP conversions I think 50% barbarian, push the limit, and glass canyon go from 50% to like 19% so you need a but more then 3 pieces to actually hit the cap that is 100% pretty sure

I hav 925 power with 70k hp i think, running bloodmagic as resource

Wow those some serious stats you much have the perfect concoction of crap to get that… I’ve been playing around with a few things and im around 42k HP and 720 power and I thought I was boss.

but glasscannon reduce your hp as well~

Well with the reductions from pvp it’s only 18% so at 70 I think you would be about 50k HP. Where your at I don’t think you could do much else to add power Then losing hp

I dont put glasscannon, PTL to Chest ring and Necklace
AND Barbarian on head I avoid using glasscannon so I.can still Have High Hp