How To Get Ethernal Back

Whether is Ethernal Back is obtained from the first rank of Battle Arena ?
If it’s true, why i didn’t get it ?. Even though i already reached the first rank in the Battle Arena

Get more arena battle ritting.


you should get it by reaching the Top 3 Spots in Eternal League. did you check the upper left spot in your Vanity Tab to see if it is in there?

if it isn’t there, then post in the Support Thread for help.

congratz on reaching First Place @Awful !

@awful, congratulations!

This is you vs. the others.

Please say hi to @Mr_Scooty for me if you see him wherever you are.

@NUIQUE thats awful eh? going well to the top of the Hill with his Gears? he must be on the otherside of the League.


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Well homie…

I do not know what the devs saw on @Awful :crazy_face:

Nice to see you on top again.

I want to see @ZURCRAM go to top.

@ZURCRAM are you reading this?



I’m nearly in eternal 1 division 3 in 1 v 1 and nearly set to enter 2 v 2 eternal. Tonight I shall tweak my builds.

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