How to get the Enternal Items?

Hi guys, I’m playing with the Wizard class.
when I played some match in 1vs1 league, I saw some player has green items (enternal items) with many cool affixes, but I don’t know how to find them :frowning:
someone please tell me that how I can find enternal items? thanks a lot :smile:
besides that, I will create a mythic item, first is MH weapon and the Head, someone can tell my with my class, what the mythic is the best choise?
P/s: I’m sorry if I have mistake about grammar or vocabulary, I’m Vietnamese and I’m not good in English :’(
thank you for reading :smile:

Whenever you get a red legend drop it will have a chance to be eternal. Eternal is pretty hard to get. If you use eternalized and get it to (5)

Your chance of getting an eternal drop will be a lot better and if you have a nodroji part use it as well.

You also can get an eternal drop when you get an myth NPC spawn from achievement and killed it.

You’re guaranteed to get one random eternal item each time you complete “Kill Mythic Enemies” feat, make sure to finish the achievement in the highest floor possible so you’ll get highest level of those eternal item (max item level 100).

You can equip Hunter ring (mythic affix, coming from inserting Rebirth, Flight, Quest and Fortune MS into 4 sockets ring) to help you complete the achievement since Hunter ring will spawn 1-3 Epic enemies from Shrine on each map.

50 Epic Enemies = 1 Legend Enemies
10 Legend Enemies = 1 Mythic Enemies

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