How to get?


Want to ask how to get double or even triple billion digit damage numbers? Is it still possible?

My build can only deal 1.0b at max when deadly strike with brutal triggers saw on YouTube and some player saying they get 3 digit of b damage number? How?

What is the best strongest combo right now to get that numbers?


If you have crushing blow and doing floor 2000+, you’ll see flying numbers like 34567.173916288b. :slight_smile:


crushing blow +crushing flames can do 1hko. :slight_smile:


Thank you

Thats it? just crushing blow and crushing flames? purely? no more crit damage or crit chance or plague other green affixes or crystal.


Any other affixes good combine with crushing blow and flames?


there is a guide for that build. i dont have the link. try searching it goodluck


Use Frozen and Crushing Flames.


only on normal enemies


Any hp% dmage will create high flying numbers. Crushing flames is the best option for this. Demonic and electrocution are also good.


Immolation works with crushing blow and crushing flames @CuzegSpiked


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