How to improve my Knight?

I want a Knight with high dmg reduction and life. I need a few cyan crystal affixes more. The dmg reduction is good but not the best. How can I improve it?

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If u want realy high damage reduction, see immortal build from @Mr_Scooty,

To improve u current build… change ur weapon to defiant set, and change ur plagued pet or off hand to vampiric touch… change ring eternal into legend 1, and add 225 luck on it and 225 luck on head… change energy armor to ruptured (if u use scalp) and add energy mythic on head… use eternal divination amulet if u dont have… use legend version, add sanctuary mytic on it… and add crystal affix armor/resist/ or hp 75%…


is this for Campaign or Battle Arena?

For campaign it’s enough, so it is for Arena

Damage reduction and damage avoidancd. If you avoid damage with block and dodge then there’s no damage until you get hit.

for arena it’s not good …
you want to have on every gear flat element dmg , really, on every build this is more than important, in pve that isn’t good, so you probably need 2 different builds…
aswell as you litterary go full tank you want to be immortal, in pvp you won’t be it, cuz you don’t have any real healing, you would need mp absorb or permafrost
it’s fine for pve as a non farming build at start, but later on it won’t be good, as i mentiont you don’t have real dmg and your tankyness is good, really good, but if you have no farm sets and no dmg, it’s useless anyways


I only use the knight for 2v2 in arena. My mage is my dmg dealer. I will try permafrost if I have enough stuff :). In pve ti is no problem to survive. At m3 floor 1500+ my tank is full health all the time.

If I use bloodmagic and mp absorb, does it means I get health instead of mana eyery time someone hit me?

Bloodmagic and mp absorb didnt stack any more,

ups sorry, my bad, i forgot to say that you need alchemy for mp absorb to heal yourself