How to make battlemage?

I am interested

use amethyst.

You need me :heartbeat:

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Ive got 3 jaspers a while ago, some peeps said that jasper is needed for battlemage, how do i do it now

Battle Mage is a Set (green) gear for wizard. The jasper is to change your gear to other class. Use Amethyst to get what Set you need like battle mage but sometimes doesnt show just again until you get the set that you need.

i got

a spellsword warrior mh…
still don’t get how things like amethyst and jasper works,

cant find any video tutorial on how to make :frowning:

Amethyst and Jasper is important in Gear Crafting…some Set affixes are character exclusive and Battle Mage is a Wizard exclusive set…if you want to have Battle Mage in your gear, you can hunt it or use crystals to craft but it’s a bit riskier cause you might need a lot of crystal to have it…

In crystal crafting, first you want to unequip your gear and Jasper to change it to Wizard gear…then use Kyanite to free up a slot for the Battle Mage…then use Amethyst, if you didn’t get it, pick one then use Kyanite to remove it…repeat that process until you get the Battle Mage…lastly, use Jasper again to change it to the character that you are using…

Use jasper to > Item make it ( wizardclass ) > use amethys to that item and find (battlemage) eassssyyyyyyyy

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I tried jasper on the eternal the broadway(warrior) that i found, and it changed to a staff

Also in a helm, with spell sword, i thought it would change to battlemage :joy::joy:

I now know how jasper works lol

Fortunately i managed to upload my progress first before trying thr jasper

So if i use jasper on the eternal broadway(sword) and it change to staff, i can use amethyst to make the staff a battlemage item?

Sadly, you can only use a few type of crystal on eternal items…and i think amethyst is not one of them…

I will try when i get one, i am about to face the mythical enemy

This happened

I want to smash my phone

I am already killing the mythical, and that happened^^^

Oh battlemage is applicable for all classes, cool

If you want battle mage set using amethyst make sure to convert any gear to wiz class. Also you can loot head and amulet with battle mage set by using rogue

I got an amulet earlier, charge!!!

I got 3 battlemage now, amulet hat and leather(jaspered it)