How to make more Damage?

i got stuck after level 600 maps, i cant kill the enemies. My weapon is not making enough damage anymore.
How can i improve my weapon’s damage points?
Is it possible to add to an item “push the limit” affix with crystals?

ill give you some advice

put a +2sets in your ring or amulet
remove and replace the “+30% weaken” with much more effective affix (dodge)
you dont need much hp on higher floors, focus more on damage

my net too slow wont load images zzz.
push limit cant be get through crystal affix
in my experience
try using 30% crushing blow - really helpful on higher floors
prefer poison element / ice is good too
set that help boost dmg
rage- crit dmg
pathfinder - if u got dodge affix
adventurer- good combined w/ momentom but does not provide perma dmg boost
explosive- helps clear up mobs
100% ED
elemental crit
elemcrit dmg
or much better u check the dq compendium build 2.1 here in forum … i suggest you check the green garden build its pretty usefull

finnaly image load up
first u ned to farm elixir or nadjori ace for +2 set afix
change ur blood magic to energy
remove unneccesary affixes for ur build such
weaken, fauns gift , weaken, hp on hit
multi attack prefer 2x
movement sped 15%x2 or x3
elemcrit dmg 3x
momentum great dmg boost
important affixes
crushing blow 30%
reduce cd 45% (useful for stealth rogue)
crit dmg and crit chance
deadly strike
get atleast lvl 30 guided for better mob clearing
lvl30-40 stealth for survival

Thanks for advices, i will try…

what if i have 2 pcs of items with "push the limit & 2 items with barbarian?would i get additional dmge? and also having 1 hp in 100% glasscannon gives additional dmge in masochism?? thx

@drei ya ul get 100% dmg boost from both push limit ans barbarian since dey are separate dmg multipliers like glasscannon
BUT w/ 100%barbarian u wont be able to cast skil specially w/ 100% push limit.

better have 100%GC 50% push limit 50% barbarian (u might have problem casting spell w/ both Barbarian and push limit if u use energy resource system.

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thx sir roykiyoy for the suggestion and advise… .can you kindly check my character item and make opinion about it thx… .any advise from you will be highly appreciated

I GUESS i just want a normal attack without using special skill… .i use flintlock so if having 100% bar and push would disable my skill , i think would be alright… .what do you think sir?sorry for my grammar

@drei ya of ur a rogue u can rely on on primary skil like ricochet, guidedshot, quickatk, boomerang but sadly as a rogue u definitely need to cast special skil stealth -u cant miss this skill. it is the main survival skil of rogue at rank 40 w/ 55-60% cd reduc its parmanent (skill cooldown and lower than the duration of the skill) so basically its like perma stealth buf. even w/ just 1 hp u can survive any atks even in what floor u are (all atk towards u is dodge)

if that is ur farming gear add crysaline hat and ephipany affix (inc stat cap 25%)
and add atleast 1-2 225%luck and goldfind and add some drop rate mythstone ur gears.(it will realy help ur farming)

though usually we create diff build one is for hireling that is pure dps build (mostly no luck and goldfind droprate and no eternalize/crystaline affix) all affix are purely for dmg. killing mobs.

then we put all farming affixes on the main (luck goldfind droprate, eternalized crytaline nadjori, ephipany) w/ tanky affixes basically dis build has no dmg at all just for tanking enemy for survival and let the hireling do the killing (since ur goldfind luck droprate set affix such as eternalize, crystaline, and perks will be base on ur main char)

THX sir for the advice… .it helps a lot =)