How to make my Wiz stronger?

Hey Everyone!

This may be a stupid question, but i want to ask you guys how i could make this wizard a bit stronger. Somehow i managed to get to Eternal League but now i got back to Mythic and i can’t get back. Please give me some advice!
I uploaded my screenshots here because the forum only lets me to upload 1 pic:

You’ll have to accept the truth that your build is not ready for eternal league yet. Dont be disappointed, you’re on the right track. Fow now, focus more on farming gold, crystal, mythstones and maybe crystal legends or eternals.
Once you have enough resources you can craft better items.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I was wondering if i doing something wrong like the stat points or talents etc. And i only can farm at Mythic 1 difficulty and sometimes i die there too so theres not enough good drops :confused:

use some luck for good drop even if your at lower level :smile:

what are the best mythstone to be use for wizard build?
and crystals ?


depend on build but you can try +50% dmg haha

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