How to make this weapon? Eternal with cosmic orb?

Hunt some eternal fabled with 4 slot. Then u may now start creating cosmicorb.

@DQ-Pat and now can put orange affix at eternal weap??

orange affix = Topaz crystal

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Mythical have always 4 empty slots

Hey i thought u cant add more affixes with eternals?

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If it’s a fabled weapon like that chakram, they usually have 4 slots. You fill those slots for a mythic and then you place epic affixes on it. It’s one of the most powerful legit eternals (very rare to find as RNG is a bitch) too.

That looks like it’ll double the value of Epic affixes placed on the items? That’s pretty sweet, will it do that with Ruby affixes as well. Is it even possible to use ruby affixes on those items?

Nope just epic :smile:

Nothing to worry to use that item cause its legit 100%