How to profit from low level eternals guide

I have been speed


Sorry my phone is playing up. Basically take any crappy eternal and convert it into a gem at floor 500 any level. I converted an eternal I found on floor 2 into obsidian


ahh, good advice. since I am Ascending on Floor 110, I just convert all my Eternal items there. I have a map around floor 500 I can use next time, and can get another when done. it will be interesting to see if the results are different than using a Legend Map while converting Eternal items to Crystals.

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I’ve been speed farming monster boosts on floor 2. Dropping level 1 eternal. But any eternal becomes an ultra rare gem. Floor 500 is the place to convert pal :slight_smile:

Yeah I think legend map is the place to do it. I do mine on them

ok, I’ll check it out and let you know the results. I usually do a bunch of maps Ascending, and collect Eternals and Crystal Legends so I can convert 5-10 at a time. that way I am not going back and forth every time I make a conversion to Crystal. I recently got my Main/Hireling Item Drop Rate to 275, and I love the gold and extra items I get, but pack size maps make my thumbs hurt after awhile with all the selling I have to do.
all my Legend Maps are Floor 111, so the test will be to see if Floor 111 Legend maps are better/worse than Floor 500+ Challenge maps for Ultra Rare Crystals.

Oh chrystal legends get ultra rare too. Just pick the luckiest gear and highest floor you can to gamble ( don’t need to play the floor . Just open map. Gamble. Get out.)