How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


How is it even a beginner build it take 100 floors to get 1 item


Welcome to the grind;)
It will be very satisfying when your build starts taking shape. I’ve reached floor 500, and I’m, still missing two of the recommended items, but still, the build is working just fine for my use so far.
Which of the items is it you’re looking for at the moment?


Thor of luck and choker i die super fast in floor 199 i set up legend so i can get choker it says up there and i need tons of gold


I take it that you’re lvl 99.
As far as gold goes, I can only recommend ascending for the dealer perk. I don’t think you should expect to achieve a ‘full build’ on you absolute first character in this game. Too much grind for that to happen, unless you’re exceptionally lucky.
But for gold, I’d recommend the dealer perk. I’m actually considering getting the perk on my hireling, I think it’d enable me to buy every 5million random gem that ever comes up in the store.
Its a drag to lvl again from 1-99, but totally worth it, and it gives you something to focus on, instead of the missing drops. Nomatter what - the choker won’t drop until you can comfortably farm floor level 200+ on legend mode, and it might be worth it to keep the mind occupied with the travel from 1-99 once again. Also ‘Thor’ might drop on that travel. Not that it helps you, but I think I’ve had it around 15 times, leveling 3 characters to 99, and ascending my main 2x on the way. It WILL come ^ ^


If choker doesnt comes u could look for elixir on jewellery. I’d stop depending on choker ever since i use elixir to come been farming 507 legend and 511 mythic 2 didnt even seen one yet…


I definitely recommend to get the Dealer Perk for your hireling as well and pick up magic+ Items. You’ll swim in gold. :smiley:
I even think to ditch Gold Find because of it and save some slots for other Affixes.


So how can i get that dealer perk ? And what does hireling mean?


When reaching lvl 99 you can pay money to reset you char in the shop:

It will require 2 x the exp it required to reach lvl 99 the first time. You keep your heropoints, but your gear will be unequipped and put in your storage until you reach half of the lvl requirement that the gear has: e.g. ilvl 100 gear, requires your champ to reach lvl 50 to use it.
When you buy the ascension in the shop, you can pick between different kinds of perks - pick dealer and the money will start piling up easier because you can sell ‘scrap items’ for a LOT more gold.


It’s your 2nd character. It runs on AI settings. You must purchase another character slot in order to get a hireling.


Can you buy more than 1 account ?


You may buy up to 5 additional character slots but no you may not purchase an additional account :smile:


A little WOOP! Combined with some advice:
If you want a frightening choker, level a ranger and farm the relevant level using it as a hireling.
Farmed from map level 200 to 500+ solo on my wiz - no choker. Farmed A LOT of maps using my wiz as hireling for my warrior - no choker.
Decided to level a ranger - after 5 maps, legend difficulty, using it as a hireling for my warrior:

So the advice, based on statistic analysis from my HUGE amount of data(wasn’t rng gods!) is: farm the choker on a ranger!:stuck_out_tongue:


Yup but also when you have a hireling legends for the class that your main or hireling aren’t won’t actually drop so make sure to farm for it with out a hireling or make sure that one of your characters is a rogue :smile:


I smell clever engineering:P


facepalms oh no I didn’t notice the aren’t won’t


double facepalms that’s gramatically correct nvm curse you English!


SO! I’m switching my necklace piece for the choker. Given that I have plagued on my current necklace, I have to find room for it somewhere else in my setup.

One option is this ring:

That said - at the moment I have a pretty descent chest piece:

What I’m considering is to strip the chaos ring, to add discordance on the ring, instead of on the chest piece. My question is:
Would you recommend that setup? And if ‘yes’ - what kinda affixes other than +HP would you recommend for the choker + chaos ring?
I’m thinking that I get more dmg from orb + attack affixes when discordance is added to the build, instead of the added dmg from blight+poison cloud?
Its very hard to see through imo, since poison cloud dmg isn’t really something you can meassure compared to the orb dmg, as it is easy measurable numbers vs (%chance toxic cloud + % poison damage on that poison cloud)?


I’m assuming you’re gonna ask whether or not to switch out the reactor ring and the answer is yes switch it out for the plagued ring and switch out the plagued necklace for the choker :smile: (remember to change it to poison!)




Hmmmm ok well yes I would suggest stripping the chaos ring to put discordance on it I would suggest keeping the affix of blight and plagued (duh :P) and I would say you should be looking to pick up HP, toxic, and orb you will want to keep specialist, +2 set numbers and elemental damage% on the choker and the rest you’re able to dump :smile: