How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]


Time to waste some crystals then I guess;)


Do you find haunting set affix usefull/important or do you just keep it there cause it’s on the choker when it drops and to keep the build cheap?
I’m considering stripping all affixes but poison and the +2 and adding the mythic affix sanctuary, but dunno if I should focus on something else for now:)


Would Druidic stack with plague? o.0




hi skaul. how to level up set affix?even you wear only one but it has (5)? for example you wear zeus weapon (5) reactor? ty
…and can send me a guide/build for all class?a build for looting/gain rare items and a build for a fast killer/wicked charadter… ty


I could help with the first two question of urs
To get +5 u need to have either 2 to all sets mythstone(elixir) socketed on both of your jewelleries or find choker


This affix is the one @gimulet is referring to:



Would this, jaspered to an orb, work for the build, or does the extra % weapon damage and multi attack only apply to the skills comming from the orb, in the sense that I wouldn’t upgrade to [sword +2, orb +2 = +4]


Yes this would work jaspered but the weapon damage and zealotry would do nothing for the build only the +2 multi attack would affect your mainhand skills :smile:


Thank you:)


I’m dabbling a bit with the talents of the build - some seems more clear cut than others (that said I could most definately be mistaken due to some game mechanics that are unknown to me)

This is what I’m thinking anyway:

Ring: Magnify or bewilder for survivability (I’m thinking orb is a projectile, but arc probably not, and I don’t know under which circumstances the stun effect is proced?)
Amulet: Not using shield - I like my HP, and I’m thinking Empower = bad, and because of that - Fester or Prismatic.


Yup those are the right ones :smile:


Im using your build and loving it!
i crafted a discordance ring, and atm it only has some piosion dmg and attack speed affixes since i lost my character and after some help from a dev i gor my charcter back but had to start over farming everything.

But anyhow, i found an eternal mind trick ring, With living force, 41% orb proc, 4 extra attack chances, 30% reduced cd and 46% weaken and a socket. Atm it outperforms my discordance ring quite alot. Should i stay with the Eternal Mind Trick ring and make me a new chest instaed with discordiance ? Thoughts ?

Thank you for an awsome guide!


That is an amazing ring for the build! You should definitely keep using it and craft another piece of gear with discordance :smile:


Thats what i thought, should i socket zenith or wait for an elixir to drop ? :stuck_out_tongue: or should they be saved to all crafted pieces ?


I would definitely socket zenith because once you get an elixer you can remove the zenith (and get it back) with a garnet and having +4 extra attack chances and +2 multi attack on top of all of the other stuff on that ring in this build is just plain godly :smile:


Haha, rng is good! Just got a Elixer drop for me :slight_smile: Hopefully the neck will re-drop for me soon, had 2 on my old charchter, but this time around my hireling is allmost 99 and still no new neck :cold_sweat:

Thank you for responding to! Much appricated!


:open_mouth: nice!!! You’ve got some god tier RNG today and I’m super glad I could help out! :smile:


ty sir


Got this pet today:

I’m thinking it should work well with the build?

Or maybe this would be better overall:)