How to solve my lagy android phone....? help me

My phone is My/phone storm… it’s vey lag when I play DQ… huhuhu

Buy a better one, it ll help i guess

I suggest to go to options then toggle the respective buttons to low fx and shadow disabled. Also, remove all apps running in background before playing DQ to lessen lags. Hope that this will help.

Way better is to buy new phone… Cherry Mobile 1GB Up is good also Starmobile 1GB up RAM. They use Mediatek Proce but you can play DQ without lags and high Graphics. If you want to buy phone that is Snapdragon Proce, buy a phone that have better GPU Adreno 202 Up dont buy Adreno 200 like Asus Zenfon Go 4.5. When you play at High Graphics and High Shadows, you will get some lags and some screen point bugs. :blush:

Developer Options —> Force GPU Rendering . This will make DQ speedier for higher graphic settings. However to make DQ overall fast, you gotta have lower settings and some values disabled generally.

Also overclocking/overvolting the current phone. However sometimes it’s best to look for a new phone to better play DQ at higher packsize and higher graphics to sacrifice less things in the options.

Adrenal 400 series ,300 series or 220 series will all do nicely for the Graphical performance and increased frames though and better CPU performance in Ghz if possible too.

I will post some in-game options here, please excuse if you have already tried these:

Start Dungeon Quest
Press the Options button on the main menu
Press “All Damage Numbers” to turn off all of them showing, or to only show crit damage numbers
Turn off “Show enemy HP Bars”
Turn off “Show ally HP bars”
Screen Shake:On should be set to “Screen Shake: Off”
High FX button should be set to “Low FX”
Medium Shadows button should be set to “NO Shadows”.

This will turn off all possible “extra effects” in the game.

If at all possible avoid getting huge groups (20+) of enemies together and attacking/defeating them all at once. This can cause very bad FPS for your device.


A few things worth noting about lag. Having a hireling GREATLY increases lag. It’s night and day with and without. If you can avoid large mobs of monsters, aka running through a map, that will help a lot with lag.

Going into the options and disabling certain things doesn’t help that much imo…it’s more just the game and the mechanics.

Lag is just a part of this game if you use a hireling…there’s just no way around that. Without a hirling, you should be fine though.

Right you are.