How to Survive Floor 500 up mythic 3?

Help me please… Any Suggestions. ??
I have Rogue and wizard but i can’t survive. :frowning: Im always 1 hit :’-(

Block/dodge allways help, if is realy nessesary get santuarium but i think is to mutch!

Block + dodge this my choice, the best economy affixes (2 affix+hero skill) and the best survival.
You can also add Sanctuary.
Move speed is also a good choice.
There are also skills, such as stealth

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the higher you go up the Floors, the more monsters that can 1 hit you. eventually, you need to replace +HP, AR, and Resist with Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, and Movement Speed. on top of that, you need to be able to kill the monsters fast, or be able to move around a lot while killing the monsters. I haven’t really used Sanctuary, except on my Ascending gear for my Hireling, and Dodge 60% lasted me a long time, with learning how to kill monsters fast. I recently started adding Block 45% to my builds, and it helps a lot. but no matter how much defense you have, if the monsters pile up faster than you can kill them, they will overwhelm your defense with greater numbers. so either lots of damage, or lots of mobility, or both, to help any defense you have. at the moment, I am running a Farm Wizard to Ascend my PVP Wizard as a Hireling. my Farm Wizard is up to Floor 880ish in M3 with a Crushing Flames based build, but I put climbing floors on hold for awhile to Ascend my other Character slots.


Max dexterity is a must if pve or pvp . Then try get block and dodge on pet. Leaves room for affixes on equipment

Just a noob talking here, but I think you just need to kill them fast enough before they kill you. Or don’t get hit.

If you’re building your rogue for pure damage (not that I think there’s any other way to play a rogue) and still can’t kill the mobs before they kill you, its just means you can’t survive on that floor yet.

Here are a few more help tips (tested on PVE):

  • ‘Try’ max out your weapon quality and level. Use Emerald on your main weapon to increase its quality to 25%. Use Peridot to max it to 100.

  • ‘Try’ to max your Movespeed and Dodge stats, or increase it to as high as possible.

  • Try to get the Adventurer and Momentum set affixes on your gear. Adventurer increases both MS and damage when your gold counter is showing and Momentum is one of the best damage(direct) increasing set affix.(This is assuming you got a total of +4 All Sets)

  • To get a Momentum set affix on your Rogue or Wiz gear, turn it into a Warrior type item using Jasper. Changing the talent Affix into a yellow(ie. Might-(rank)% Elemental DMG, Zealous-When above 75% HP, (rank)% Move and (rank2)% DMG) increases the chances for it you to get a Momentum.

  • You can follow the same steps to get an Adventurer set affix. Change item to Rogue type, change talent then use the Amethyst.

  • Again if you have no Amethyst to spare just use Jasper on a gear that has those set Affixes. (I think you can jasper a Jouster’s Horn and what was that other lance type item… uh… forgot). But take note that you can only find Momentum on two warrior items.

  • If your damage is enough but enough but not your mob killing ability, get an item with Frozen set affix (Frozen helped me climb up to floor 1000, with my current floor at 1050+ but I stopped cause I can’t dish out enough damage that’s why I’m rebuilding my build)

  • If the Thorn affix on the enemy is killing you, get at least 1 heal on hit affix. Or you can also get an Angelic set affix. [quote=“system, post:1, topic:1407”]
    dead men do no dps

  • Get a bomb type item or an orb for your wiz, whichever is your main and learn to use it.

  • Lastly, though someone already mentioned it, get a Sanctuary mythic on your amulet. It helps a lot.


kill or get killed

You got it :smiley: . Don’t think you’ll be newb that long.