Hp and Mp on hits

Uhmmm i noticed since the update my on hits are bit less powerful, before i can survive in maps with pack sizes and now i die so many times. I prefer the 1% hp and mp mythstones rather than 2% on current update…

Yeah, they changed it to percent of base health/mana because it was too overpowered before.

Intentional fix.

Currently up for debate, keep the feedback coming.


What’s overpowered should be fixed, what’s underpowered should be buffed. That’s what balance is hehhh. Even though I die alot, at least now we give the monsters a chance of lvling up and a chance of victory.

hurraaay let the monsters prevail haha might
as well give the mobs skills haha.

Pots are important again after the patch. Anyway just fix the prayer-offhand issue because it’s not included in the recent update nerf.

@Raizen i bet it would be fx is the nxt patch along w/ other bugs. @Skaul will cyclone mythic will be viable now? is it fx already?

It should have been changed for PvP only, becouse on pve the point of dodging everything or die is even lower. Now, no one will use the affix that don’t work at all. At 200k hp if on pve if you went full stats into hp the hp on hit from mythstones is 10 times lower than before. With 400k hp it’s 20 times lower. While good for PvP, unnecessary for PvE.

Personally, I am still using a Crystal HP On Hit.

It’s perfectly fine.