Hp/mp bars

I would like to see a numerical value of both the mp and hp bars on the main hud. I think its just nice to see a number on something as important as this. I know you can see what you have on the character screen but it would be nice to know exactly how much of each I have left.

What screen size do you play on? I question if there’s enough screen real estate to accomplish this without cluttering smaller screens.

As you mentioned, both values are available on the stat screen on the in-game menu.

I have a Samsung note 3. But screen size wouldn’t be an issue if they just put the value in the respective bars on the main hud. As for the values being on the character screen. That doesnt give you the value of what is remaining.

Also, the stat screen shows total hp, not current hp, so I think this is a good idea (maybe on/off option)?