% hp/mp on hit


Some maths here :wink:

I wonder how the hp leech is calculated. If i’m not wrong, it heals you a % of your hp on hit.
(same will apply to mp)

BUT what is the amount of HP on wich the leech is calculated?

Consider i’m using a wizard with 10.000 base HP, +10.000 HP on gear (both + x hp and + y% hp), and 20.000 MP (total with gross and gear)
so finally with blood magic it has 40.000 hp (maybe it’s a little bit wrong but for calculation purpose we will simplify a bit, and say it’s true :smile: )

So each hit will allow me to recover ?

  • 100 hp (based on gross hp value ie 1% of 10.000)
  • 200 hp (based on total hp value including gear value ie 1% of 20.000)
  • 400 hp (based on actual hp value after applying gear and then blood magic ie 1% of 40.000)

Thanks a lot for answering this question.

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No idea?
even the devs can’t answer? :disappointed_relieved:

Im waiting for answers @.@

It’s absolute total HP.

Sorry but english is not my primary language…
What do you mean?
in my example is “absolute” is 10.000, 20.000 or 40.000?

40000, so 1% should be 400. :smile:

Merci beaucoup (Thanks a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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