Hp on Hit Affix

Just a question about the Hp on Hit calcuations in BA.
I fought a lot of strong characters so far, and I’m still confused about how to have effective hp on hit affix. I mean effective like those characters who hit you in BA and their HP adds back so fast?
Is there an affix I’m not aware of, besides Hp on hit and Hp hegen?
Or a Set affix that have a connection to do with Hp on hit?
Or a trophy affix I’m not aware of?

depends i know that poison cloud stacks with Hp and Mp per hit
maybe every thing that hits the enemy will stack with hp on hit
sorry if my answer is wrong or off because im little confused about your answer not that very good at english and Hp on hit is Faster tha Hp Regen

EVERYTIME you hit someone/something (IE Minions), you will heal HP when you use a HP on hit affix. If you hit someone 100x per second, you will heal 100x per second. Lets say you have 408 HP on hit (2 Crystal affixes). If you hit someone 20x per second, you will heal 8160 HP/s.

Does the Hit cause by skills/procs ex. Torrent/Twister/Storm etc., also count for Hp on Hit?
So far, I fought Warriors with Whirlwind and Dagger Rouges with awesome builds having hp on hit and a lot of defense, they are immortal for my build. I can’t scratch them. Lol.

This word answers all.

:smile: Thank you for confirmation. :smile:

The only exception is DoT’s since you are not hitting people when that damage happens.

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Point Taken, :smile:
Thank you again.
Also thanks for @mormszzz

anytime and good point @Clogion i forgot about it xD call me victor