Hybrid Theory

Hello. I would just like to suggest about this idea of mine. I’ve been so jealous of others having hirelings or having additional character slots, so I purchased those slots via Google Play. I enjoy the thought of DQ being offline and its dedicated not-pay-to-win features, but most players can’t and will not afford to purchase with real money to try other classes, that is why I think it would be nice to have like a “hybrid” type of option.

It is like ascension, although with the use of Heroic Skill Point. Once reaching level 99 with heroic level, your character can have the hybrid ascension only once , and choose to have other class skills. It will enable other class’ heroic skill bonuses on another tab while keeping its original bonuses. Still the points will reset and will only be limited to 99 points. Also you can utilize the weapons with the class you chose, and somewhat like that. Would change the PVP drastically and combinations will like exponentially increase, if this is possible. Talents will not be included during the hybrid ascension. Just sharing my idea if possible.

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