Hyper armor cap

For PVE, you can do well with these:

From Rogue: Any item with Frozen Set Affix

From Wizard: Any item with Crushing Flames Set Affix

For Battle Arena, it depends on the aggregate build.


Thanks @NUIQUE, for now im on farming for a good items, need more cystals and mythstones. Im always buying scrolls at lvl 109 and change affix to pack size for a good loots.


You did a good job learning the map size trick early. :+1:


Any scroll affix that also good for farming?, rerolls to 100%+ pack size is enough for me. .

  • magic enemies bonus
  • epic enemies bonus

But if you can get only one of them, choose pack size bonus

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I tried hyper armour but dismissed it as “Bobbins” ( Rubbish)

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Maybe hyper armor cap is less than 100%. @NUIQUE ,did you try to have more than 100% by using eternals?

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Pack Size (+150% max), Magic+ (+200% max), Rare+ (+500% max), Epic+ (+5% max. I think this one is just up to 5 extra Epic guardians for the Cargographer) , and Enemy Affix (+5% max? this can make for some crazy monster fights).

the reason I mention Enemy Affix Map Affix is because 2 of the affixes help with farming. any monster with Experienced gives +100% Experience. any monster with Gracious has +200% Item Drop for any items dropped. of course it also means more of the other Enemy Affixes that can cause you problems.

Normal monsters (Grey) don’t usually have an enemy affix, so with this map affix, they could end up with 1 or more. I believe monsters can only have a max of 6 enemy affixes.

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@Golem , are you sure you’re on the right topic?

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Ha :rofl:

I don’t know if Hyper Armor is useful on a Farm Build or not. it seems like it works as well as a Perma Stealth or 100% Block Build if used properly. but since it can’t be rolled with Ruby, that puts limits on the Builds you use it on, just like any other Build with affixes that can’t be rolled with a Crystal. this also means that only Rogues can use Hyper Armor until you have Jasper(s) to switch the item(s) to another Class.

I have only recently tried Crafting a Perma Stealth Build for a Wizard (not easy, let me tell you!!!), and I have read the same Posts you have about Hyper Armor. neither of these Builds make you invulnerable, but they do make dying a rare event.

@DuDono , I was replying to @freaky45 query of Map Affixes that are good to use with Farm Builds.

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I tried hyper armour in PvP. :face_with_monocle::frowning:

What about fury + hyper armor + max attack speed? Or maybe immortal + hyper armor + ressource cost + attack speed.

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Test it.

Hyper Armor 100% is immune to attack when attacking. so at any moment that your are not attacking you are vulnerable. Perma Stealth is the same way, the moment you are not Stealthed you are vulnerable to attacks. you would have to test with at least one Eternal item with HA to see if there is a benefit to having more than 100% HA.

moving into another position, changing skills, your nose itches, whatever distracts you, death! haha, I wonder if Default works with Hyper Armor?

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So if you had a lunatic aggressive immortal who just constantly attacks … it may work :face_with_monocle:?

I would check the stat page to see if there is a cap for Hyper Armor. is it even possible to get 100% HA in PVP? I would think HA would be best used in Campaign. with a little Dodge or Block or Sanctuary for life insurance.

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Epiphany :exploding_head:

HA cap in arena is 72%, 18 for each item. You only need 15% regular damage reduction , 20% mp absorb and alchemy to be really immortal (when attacking)


I haven’t tried that yet.

And exciting discovery from you maybe?