I AM ETERNAL Baby Wohoooooo

Guys. After a long maraton of win and lose streaks i finally made to eternal I want to thank to ryzax ,cuzegspiked and luisfk for their helpful infırmation my in game nick is kamos and i am using a rogue currently i am in eternal division 9 with 1325 league points mmr if you want to observe me … i cant send a pictıre right now but i will post it soon my build is… a flintlock with flat shock damage affixes (restless storm) with pathnder hat and haunting mecklace and equality ring and vampiric touch chest. Let me give you new players a piece of advise if you want to win with this build all you have to do is snipe the wizards and rogues and kite the warriors with any bomb you have dont forget to get attack speed and bleed chance and weaken becuz it will increase your damage drastically . I flamed a lot the mythic league wizards so i am sorry if ant one of them is in this forum becuz they abused cerebral vortex and timewarp top much and i was almost got cancer becuz of their spell abuse and btw i saw the immortal build some guy named au was using it i tried everything but i coulndt killed him you guys indeed made a gud job hiding immortal build in secret. I hope the next season will come soon and i will rise to it again . Btw thank you devs and mods you did a great job making this game popular i never had so much fun in a game aside from league of legends. İ hope you will keep working on this game becuz i wont stop playing. THANK YOU ALlçL!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::smiley::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Congrats :blush:Mythic 35 here :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately i had a lose streak and now i am mid mythic again but i had the assasins blade vanity this will keep me satisfied for a time. However i must improve my build for the next seasons i dont even have a single mythic still cant decide what to use cosmic orb chakram or arc flintlock? I saw great rogue builds but they expensive as hell i need lots of obsidians ametysts jaspers and rubys i hope i will finish it until next season :slight_smile:

I’ve trying out an apocalypse flintlock but the build is early days. This is my gear so far.

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