I cant download dq cloud

Hi good day to all i stop playing DQ for 7months and now decide to play again but it show me this msg i cant download after 901154 hours what should i do.

what is your ign. maybe its a flagg ? @tdaniel

Shadow.gaming ign

contact @tdaniel or email support@shinyboxgames.com

I think they dnt care i already email them

If you emailed us and it turns out your save game is corrupted, its not that we don’t care, we simply cannot do anything to help. Once a save game is edited our tools are not able to “fix” that.


So its that all all my effort and money and i spend it turns nothing?even i tried to download today still 900k hours i dnt know what the heck happen in this game.and all ur answer is you cant do nothing.and no reply on my email,and i did not edit any of my game i dnt know what do you mean.

I don’t know who you are, what I mean by that is I don’t have any DMs from “ultrax” in the last few days. Unless you are contacting me via email and not including your DQ Account.

I believe this one’s exact IGN is SHADOW-GAMING if that helps to determine the issue faster.

I already email support but still nothing i use glassclow@gmail.com my ign:shadow-gaming pls. Check and now im still trying to download dqcloud but still 900k hours hope you can fix

please, I can’t download the account dq, what should I do