I feel lost guys(400+ floor)

hi :laughing:

im in floor 400+(m3) actually i have no difficulty to

clear stages

i activated 4 perks and dont hire

these are my gears

first i use lance and knightcharge.

wear this to get nadroji bonus

also i use energy resorce system

i think nova is nice mythics isnt it?

i use fauns gift to increase my health

i dont have any other nice pet :sweat:

and my amulet

  1. should i get another char slot and hire now?

  2. if i should, which class do you recommend? mage or rogue?

  3. i cant use epiphany set because i dont have adequate legend pet. i think giving up faun set (or plague) is too risky(hp is 120k or someting). should i change one of my set to epiphany?

  4. is there any affixes or talent to change to another on my gears? or these are ok to farming?

  5. the only way to get legend pet is from the feats(kill 200 enslave or kill mythic enslave above 400)? i want to get another legend pet :sob:

thank you for your help~~
i’ll waiting :kissing_heart:

You’ve overlook on farming set affixes. If you’re willing to progress to very high floors, you need to use things such plagued, frozen, crushing flames or arcanist + ascendent.

For your build, I definitely recommend plagued, since you can poison many mobs with sprint. I would remove faun’s gift while you don’t have a Stitch pet. On other hand, if you’re not too much interested on nadroji bonus, I would suggest removing both nadroji set affixes, because it is pointless since you can buy any rare legend on codex.

About your questions:

  1. Definitelly, because it is more help, so why not?
  2. Rogue with flintlock for very fast map clearing.
  3. If you’re willing to use epiphany, definitely remove nadroji set affixes.
  4. They’re okay to me. I’m not a warrior specialist though.
  5. You can get legends pets by luck too. You may look at forum, sometime ago was posted a cool guide to get pets.
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thank you for the details :grin:
i’ll try to rogue for my 2nd char


Having a hireling is a very good choice u get to exp different playstyle and also helps ur main charc to lvl up fast. As for farming u dont need nadrojis anymore since u can craft items through codex. But having nadroji bonuses will help you to obtain eternal or legend pets quickly as ive read it hre from the forum. My farming sets are(3x crushing flames with bonus, frozen, eternalized, crystaline). And trust me i can still farm at 3000 flrs and counting. I may not have max farming affixes but still i can obtain decent crystals, gold, and mythstones and maybe even faster than anybody hre in this forum. Although one thing that separates me between u is that i already have 6 ascension perk (max ascnesion that u can have)

thx for answering :slight_smile: you mean when i complete legend codex, i do not have to use nadroji??
in my circumstances( i do not have enough legend maybe 60% and lack of crystal esp after ruby), i think i should use nadroji to farming, am i right?

You can use dust to unlock any item, then buy it. Nadroji isn’t worth of a set affix slot.

Yo? Wat class u using with that set affix?

Having 1 nadroji is fine or nah? In farming


Haha. So ican go with crystalline. Eternalized. Epiphany maybe? And 3 crushing flames? Hhmm

Yes, you can, but I must mention 3 crushing flames doesn’t make sense to me (may make to you).

Any alternative set affix? Crystalline and eternalized and i dun rly know wats the other 4

This is too vague, so…