I have a new built for floor hiking 😎 PAPOGI INFINITY BUILT


Great build man. I noticed a lot of people are using frost with crushing flames. Good job on the 4 perfect crystal affixes. Welcome to the forums btw.

Thank you for the comment., I hope my built can help you a lot…

Sorcery on pet?? It wont work on your warrior man . Its a wizard talent . You should keep the demonic affix on pet . Itll bosst your dmg while the health of mobs got 25%.

@darkeons21 you mean i if i put wizard talent on pet of warrior, it will have no effect?
Ex. If i use wizard and i put lacerate on my wizard pet, does it apply the bleed dmg?

I think it wont work . Maybe on skills . It will .

Hmmm… okey., now I know it won’t work…
Thanks for the tip… I’ll change my pet for better results

NP. Thats why i said that you should keep the set affix on HELL . (Pet)