I have discovered a bug on the game

It’s a gold bug in the game. I discovered it and I am willing to share to others if the admins cant reach my request.
This bug will not anymore need you to buy golds on in-app rather the game will give it for you when needed.
This is not fake, rather not a hack tool or cheat. This is a bug on the game.

I expect some reward for.not telling or sharing it. Kodus!

Hoping ur immediate response.

Please feel free to send the bug/exploit to support@shinyboxgames.com or PM one of us, and we’ll address it as soon as possible! Thanks :smile:

Are you a bot jayton?

urlaub fürs gehirn

Whatever he is. He is an a hole. Just report it if you even found something instead of trying to extort… lame…

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Lame just report it. Not like its hard to get gold anyhow.

Its definitely a bot. Pls ip-ban.

urlaub fürs gehirn

:smiley: I’m definetely not a hole fyi. Luckily I can share something benefecial from being a System Analyst/Developer and QA in my On-Job-Training. Yes mister [color=#00FFFF]SteigerBox[/color] , I’ll send this info directly, and hoping for reward :smile:

HI Admin, I have already sent an email to support@shinyboxgames.com. Please check it, sent by my email and I also have sent you a personal message. :smiley:

Issue resolved. Thread closed.

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