I have my own zombies

OK so i don’t know if this is a known bug but when I played 2.1(I played for my cousin, so technically it’s not mine), my cousin wanted a summoner build for pve. Ofc i’m not good with builds but he told me he just wants an army of minions(lol) so i got a build where he got like 7-8 minions out at a time and when i fought the carto(which has explosive affix), all the minions died from the explosion but without their death animations and they became zombies(they lost their hp bar). They still attacked and i could summon more minions along with them. Although after a few seconds and while we were walking without meeting any mobs, they all disappeared(they had their death animations. They were at peace at last). So yeah…

Hey! How many times did it happen to you so far?

this is the first time it’s happened so far

Wait for the next patch (it’s a bug fix). Let me know if it still happens then.

ok thanks! my cousin doesn’t care about the bugs tho haha coz i’m the one playing for him and he’s just 10.

Yeah I’ve had a similar thing happen when I kill a whole bunch of creatures at once with explosion and my game slows down heaps it means that a whole heap of the enemy’s survivr like ghosts and then they attack you. It happens pretty much any time there are a whole heap of enemies at once and my game slows right down.

@Bowenandarrow that bug you were saying is different from my post. The one you mentioned is already a known and ‘common’ bug for players who clear a lot of mobs at once(like in packsized maps). My case is that instead of the enemies being zombies, it’s my minions/summoned units that turn into zombies.