I have trouble buying hero slot

Hi im new here just play this game for only few months
Anyway as you can see i having trouble buying hero slot for my fist hiring . I dont have a visa or master card so there is any way i can buy that slot with out it and if i can what should i hire wiz or warior cus i have one rogue already

What country are you frm?

Im from Vietnam

Is there any option there that says “carrier billing”?

no i guess

Here are the payment method you can use in Vietnam


thank you so much

I suggest direct carrier billing.

yeah i want to do that too but dont really know how

You got a prepaid or post paid mobile phone plan? If prepaid, just top-up (reload) your account to the corresponding amount of the purchase. If you’re post-paid, then it will automatically add up to your monthly billing account.

Yeah i did search for it and i found out that mine country is notyet able to mobile billing in ios …
Feel bad man guess i never be able to try it anw :cry: