I haven't gotten an obsidian since 1.8 came out

Finally got an obsidian from a merchant. Hopefully the law of averages catches up to me and I get several more.

Did get an amethyst from the floor though, so maybe the crystalline affix is working.

My extremely weak farming setup has Crystalline and 165% ID, including Fortune. For the duration that I used it, Crystalline affix seemed like a dud.

I ditched it and got 195% ID instead. Not as better yet but the crystals I get are increasing.

As a strictly 1.8 player, 1.7 players seem totally spoiled. I was able to farm good gear and make myself unkillable without the 1.7 imba feat. My build is so OP that Steiger personnally nerfed it to the ground. :frowning:

The high Crystal Item drop rate in 1.8 more than makes up for the harder to access Obsidians. I have quite a few Crystal legends, more than enough to experiment with. I am more worried about getting the mid range crystals as I use those more. Diamonds and Sapphires are especially in demand. When creating a “perfect item”, you only use a few high end crystals since you are given multiple choices. But hundreds of not thousands of sapphires (I hate my luck) and thousands of Diamonds (I don’t even max out my item stats :frowning:) are needed. Overall, I complete the crystal feat at least thrice from just Saphires and Diamonds when I create my custom items…[/quote]

Good for you. I’m not sure if either my farming methods are inefficient or the RNG gods still hate me as usual, but it can’t possibly be this random, seeing as these crystals are very very critical.

Of course, it can. I had a week where I got 10 eternals then nothing for the next 3 weeks. XD

Of course, it can. I had a week where I got 10 eternals then nothing for the next 3 weeks. XD[/quote]

I seem to stumble across eternals more than crystal legends (eternals are already rare enough as it is) but not exactly for crystals 17-20. Nil. Nada. It even came to the point that I desperately converted many precious zircons, ambers and jaspers to craft a ruby.

That aside, I hope next patch we can get these 17-20 by a very reasonably difficult feat.

How about this Feat I made up?

Buy 2(more or less) 5m Tier CS from Merchant.
Reward: 1 of 16-19 Crystal Stone.

A guarantee of 16-19 but you need to spend atleast 10+mil just to get one. This can be also applied to MS.

So buy 2 get 1 free? If they wanted that, price would just be 3.7M instead of 5.4M. :wink:

This is good. I hope you are keeping them.