I haven't posted or played in months now

I have been working at mcdonalds a lot trying to also talk to this chick I like who I work with but anyways the reason I’m here is cuz I saved up like 10000 dollars and I’m willing to put a big portion of this into a dq2 if possible anyone else willing to help make this happen maybe they will try harder lol


nice. I don’t know if that will make @SteigerBox & @tdaniel and company work harder than they already are, but we just never know. personally, I think I could settle for an update for DQ2 & any updates on DQ.

hope she likes what you have to say and ends up liking DQ!

I emailed them and they said within a month there would be an update for dq 1. They also said they where working on two games one was dq 2. Hopefully its true. That was over a week ago know



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Thanks for the offer, but working in direct customer interaction (food service especially) is a H A R D job and you deserve every penny you earn!

We will get you all some new info very soon and introduce a new member of our team here at SB!


Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to all you have to share.

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I can hardly wait :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost: