I lost all of my elixir?

Ok second time that this happened to me.

So i unsocketed an elixir ms from my ring, and socketed it again. Afaik, when you unsocket a ms from an item, you get the ms back. When i socketed the elixir ms again, poof! All of my 5 elixirs are gone! :frowning:


AAAAAAAAA im freaking out…

Thats weird i havent encountered that problem when im unsocketing ang socketing mythstones.

i’ll try to download my last save. If i have my elixirs at that point, ill delete this post…

i hope so

Known BUG

Sad… they’re gone… :sadparrot:

That sucks man. Sliders are much rarer than obsidian so too…

I always keep a recent save on a secondary device just in case stuff like this happens.

What the heck!!! You can unsocket mythstones and obtain it again!!! What?!!

Yes you could. I once thought it wasnt

If your going to remove mythstone into items using garnet your going to obtain the mythstone again.

Thanks! I tried it out and now i have 4 more mythstones lmao

Good for you, man.

Meanwhile i burned all of my mythstones from flight to zenith to have another 7 elixirs :joy:

Probably will be unsocketing the others from items i dont use anymore

this will be another tough journey

Good luck!

I will try to reproduce this issue on my end.

Can you DM me your DQ Account email address @Alhfan ?

Thanks, and sorry about this issue