I love fighting clogon so much

I have seen them with a damage prevented stat of over 2 million since starting too play arena again and it is so much fun too fight clogon because of it

tank type hahaha

Did you encounter my garbage characters yet? Gehnadu.

Sorry no skaul are they devision 2? My past rogue kept me fluctuating between devision 1 and the top of devision 2 so I may not have been able too (really wish I could have restarted for this new mage though :cry:)

Truth clogon is the ultimate tank wizard

I don’t know. Haven’t played in arena in forever. They’re under the name Gehnadu, though.

Aaaah OK then dang though I would have loved too try fighting them

I don’t play enough for them to be amazing.

Yeah I figured if you haven’t played in a while but I mean still probably would have been pretty fun :smile: being super competitive in arena doesn’t necessarilly make you a super fun person too fight (usually the opposite not putting people down for using the best strategy’s just saying that that usually aren’t very interesting fights) I really liked some of the lower strength level players just cause they can be super fun fights sometimes like Flintlock rogues which I think I’ve seen you post about using in the long ago past? :smiley:

Yeah. Around when I first started. It was the trollest thing I could do.

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Ice then I assume for the ultimate of trolls? And I agree with you when I first started arena (waaaaaaaay back just after the battle arena update) flintlock rogues where so difficult for me too do anything against cause of all that range it was so trolly :smile:

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<- rated 9/10 troll by my buddies. I must be cool. :sunglasses:

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hehehehe true dat :sunglasses: