I love mythitec

Mythitech is such a good damage multiplier. :heart_eyes:


I agree!

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But still broken, better not abuse the bug for now.

Imean the eternal ones are broken.

Mythitech is good for single skill like rechochit build and barrage build I be planning now for my BR.

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I have better plans for that necless :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:!


Be careful with the eternal mythitech, if they are fixed and we can add mythics to them, we still cant add empty sockets to the empty spaces, only epic affixes;
We’ll struggle a little with +all sets - a nadroji ring with legend and mythstone +all sets would work but you’ll lose a lot of utility that rings offer


Yup it’s a beast! I really hope that the devs add it to DQ2.

Hahaha !! My barrage build there is such a mess .