I love you all

I don’t post much but I regularly check these forums. I’m just not a good enough player to reply much.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care, though, and I’m honestly surprised how much I care about the people in this game. From the players, devs and all.

I’m so excited for DQ2, (and @tdaniel) please please please I beg of you. Let me have Haunt? Please!

But seriously, I fucking love everyone in this game. From the devs on down. Until this game I never really thought it was possible to care so much about others before but this is different.

Why is this different though? What is it you think about the game and community that makes it so personal to the heart? Or am I just an idiot? Could be both, I guess I won’t argue that


I think it’s because the game makes you think and create builds to show off to others .

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DQ itself is very fun. 3 Classes, 5 Elements, 4 Elemental Maps, 6 Tiers of Weapons, 6 Tiers of Monsters, Crystals & Myth Stone Crafting for items, 8 Difficulty Levels, 4 Kinds of Pets, Free or Pay to Play, 4 Each MH & OH Weapons for Each Class for Many Weapon Combinations, Weapon Natures, Class Talent Trees, Almost Unlimited Floors/Dungeons to Explore…Oh, and a PVP Option Battle Arena against other Players Characters run by an A.I. OH!!! And the rewards improve as you make better Builds…more Gold, better items, more items

I think what makes DQ Forums so good is that we all like DQ and are sharing our Ideas with each other, or using other Players Ideas to spark our own Ideas. I guess that’s what makes us all Idiots for DQ! :nerd_face:


And the game takes years to understand :sunglasses: