I need a bit of help

I am currently learning rogue so I thought I would try and make a build.After spending almost all my precious crystals I think it’s time to ask for help

What seems to the problem with that setup?
Any particular issues ingame like getting killed oneshot? Or cant kill fast enough on certain floors?

@LK_Stradmore I have issues with survivability and I am way too slow

May I suggest adding abit more damage oriented Set affixes (like Permafrost, Pathfinder, Crushing Flames, etc.) I know you added goldfind, luck and eternalize in there for farming purposes but a hybrid dps/farm build will rarely work unless you know what you’re doing.(or you can put all farming gears on your main and dps build on the hireling)

For survivability try having Block in your Offhand and/or Max Dodge(gives you abit more EHP but with glasscannon shaving already your HP to 43k and no FlatHP, It wont be certain that you’ll be able survive most of the damage youll take)

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Survival: Block + Dodge, i suggest to add it until you feel fine with the result, or just research any high level farm build and adapt to your build the % of Block and Dodge of the Farm Build.
Faster Movement: Use +Movement, or Sprint Proc
Faster Kill: Fire Attacks with Crushing Flame + Crushing Blow. Or in the build you already have you could add (2-3) Clear Cast Stones and Spam Twister and Add Energy Mythic to have enough mana pool.

@Ariel I will try TY!

@ShadowDragon it depends on your current floor(500,3000,5000,5000 above) and current goal (item farming,gold farming,fast map clearing)

@D-legend my goal with this is to farm floor 500-510 M3 reliably