I need a very fast mythic 3 speed run on 500 plus 1 build


Any ideas. Preferably 1 player to cut the lag


Try building around Reactor. Never too late or early to start your first end game build.


Okay I’m looking into it :slight_smile:


Try adding Plagued with Reactor. Very helpful if you don’t have enough resources to make a really high dps build (ie,. Frozen explosion, Green Garden, …etc)


On m3, you’ll probably want to go for more of a frozen orientation since plagued was nerfed awhile back.


Yep. :thumbsup: . Crushing flames is another good setup + inferno+bleeds ,but for instant kills, frozen setups can work. Plagued is alright but its a bit nerfed (i still use it though). high dmg and shock too + bleeds.


Crushing Flames with Demonic is a good combo. I was doing something like that with a Prismatic Elementalist Wizard Noob Farm Build (only Luck and Gold Find). it also had Momentum, which helped a lot. it did a good job of smashing monsters up to Epic, and Legend/Mythic monsters, it depended on their affixes and map affixes. got me up to 800+, but I re-crafted it, and I think I have to craft a totally new Farm Build for my up to Floor 1k. the thing is, Crushing Flames is so good, it is almost too good, makes me feel like I am taking it easy or something. but it takes up space, especially if you use the Crushing Flames Bonus, and add some Blistering to really knock down the HP with Demonic.


My merch now is a crushing flames wizard with maelstrom and cerebral vortex and summoner. Uses weapon switch on my floor 1200 plus and can do 100 of billions damage


I love plagued bonus in pvp. The bonuses to my storm and skullshield builds is nice. Then the anscendent bonus is nice for reducing opponents elements resists


The tips proved very useful. Thanks people. I got my merlin imp :joy: