I need build help for any class

Hello, everyone. I am interested in a lower level farming build for any of the three classes. Preferably for Wizard.
My Wizard is level 77, Warrior level 68, and Rogue is level 46.
I am trying to get rarer weapons/armor and also have more damage. My highest reached floor is 105 and I have been playing on Mythic 3.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

  • Rizzar

try this :point_down::point_down: http://forums.dungeon-quest.com/unread

Lmao what is that link xD

My advice max the luck and gold find on your main character. Your hireling will be the one to kill all the mobs so power up your hireling.

I think you should be more specific about what you want.

Skullshield(poison) wiz is good at 200

Trying it on 500 though, crystal and ms drops are great there

You could try a Twister/summon build for your wizard and for the hirling the melee skills aren’t a big deal, but you want recall (summon proc) and apocalypse (mythic skill) which summons 3 meteors from the sky that when they land they turn into 3 furies (basically like minions kind of). Also make sure to have Cooldown maxed.

So the idea is to spam twister while your warrior and minions tank. There could be some sets that make a summon build better, or that allow you to have more minions, but I can’t remember at the moment…there’s def more things I could do with my build, but as long as I’m killing everything fast np, I don’t worry about it so much atm.

Sometimes it can be tough to hit stuff with twister but eventually the mobs will cluster in one line, and you can blast them with twister from a far.