I need help.How can i find or farm very rare mythstones and crystals with high level

Hepl me pls thx.

floor 500-600 . very wise starting to pick up some crystal and mythone there… With farming set.try to look always at the vendor . theres always a suprise waiting … :grinning:

also use crystaline for chance of great crystal drop

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Floor 500-600 how i reach floor 500-600 doing maps ?

if you loot crystal (blue) and eternal (green) items. just convert them you have higher chance of getting ultra rare crystal. disadvantage it will cost you 500k. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Kill cartographers they will give you maps eventually, if you had map floor 201 kill the cartographers and it will drop a 202map and so on .

You can also just buy a map on floor 200, and there will be a cartographer at the end who will drop a floor 201 map.